Art and Design

Stukkolief brings together traditional craft, art and design and highlights new aspects of interior design, based on classic marble craft. Whether hung flexibly like a picture or directly wall-mounted, illuminated or otherwise, the Stukkolief becomes a key interior fitting, blending in with exclusivity to diverse spatial concepts and fitting modern, urban spaces as well as classic furnishing environments.
The Stukkolief is synonymous with both the color white and shapes that are abstract and minimalist all in one, which is why the lighting set-up is a key factor dictating its character. Only moments after looking graceful with soft and gentle shadowy shades, a change in lighting can make it appear imposing, where the shadow makes its presence felt with dark umbra. An atmosphere is created, which lets the gaze wander and captures the imagination.

Each Stukkolief is unique, individually order-made in Switzerland harnessing traditional craft techniques.


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Motive: Hvid Elsker