Each Stukkolief is an individual creation, which comes into being by encapsulating the concept of the Stukkolief designer and inventor, Stephan Gervers: journeying from the concept and drawing, up to the realization. And the Stukkolief is basically white, as the required setting for a complex interplay of light and shadow as well as lending the required lightness to embossed objects. The design form favored by Stephan Gervers is primarily scaled back, graphic and minimalist, where incident light plays the key role as a conceptual component, to facilitate the placement of the individual embossed objects based on alignment and the distinctiveness of their shading on the surface.

Since each Stukkolief is an individually crafted item, the formats, topics and arrangements of form vary naturally, as well as being tailored in line with customer orders or the open-ended design concepts of Stephan Gervers. This is how individual pieces are developed, remaining closely in touch with customers.

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panorama_stukkolief_940_x_662_17 Titel: Equalizer