A qualified electrician is required when installing direct Stukkolief wall mountings with lighting (e.g. Flora Lumen) to ensure the safety of cabling, power supply connections and light outputs and there is also a need to ensure the wall-mounting arrangements correspond to the structural requirements.

Ensuring seamless professional connection to the domestic electrical system is an obvious must and electrical lighting installations integrated into panels are checked and approved even before sale by a qualified electrician and confirmed by the notification included on the rear side of all illuminated panels. The Gervers design studio handles electrical installation and approval procedures by partnering with the el-con GmbH company in Wetzikon.

As a general rule: The illuminated Stukkolief is an atmospheric lighting piece, which means it cannot be used as a substitute for a reading lamp etc. Stukkolief panels (illuminated and unlit) are only intended for interior use.

Questions on electrical issues? Please get in touch with me.

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Light in Stukkolief Ornamentic