Stucco craft

Since each Stukkolief is a one-off piece, they embody a myriad range of formats, themes and arrangements of form. Each piece comprises various molded parts as well as free application* on occasion, and the manual grinding and finishing of surfaces leave means no room for mass production.

The excellence and individuality of the mural design, made possible thanks to close collaboration with customers, building contractors, interior designers and architects, are what underpin the work of designer Stephan Gervers.

The techniques used to produce a Stukkolief are based on traditional plasterers’ craftsmanship. The plates and frames for panels are created individually, before a Stukkolief motif can be applied. The multi-layer substrates are individually prepared for the Stukkolief to create an optimal surface for the embossments, while care is taken to use only the finest materials in the process.
All steps are performed manually – no machines are used. This embodies the Stukkolief philosophy as well as guaranteeing the individuality of each piece.

* The term free application here refers to shaping directly on the surface, whereby objects are hand-shaped and designed in an artistic process.

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Working Situation in the Studio in Uster