Stukkolief Panels

The Stukkolief panel is a special concept of designer Stephan Gervers, as a new way of breathing life into stucco work. The mobility and options presented by the use of diverse panel formats pave the way to introduce the stucco relief concept, even in rented accommodation. Panels can be suspended and arranged like pictures, while the design and motifs of Stukkolief panels are configured in line with your choice of surroundings. If the living environment changes, the Stukkolief simply follows suit.
A Stukkolief panel is a specially prepared plasterboard, which includes a wooden frame. When the panel is constructed, the frame is a key component and an element guaranteeing high stability. Illuminated panels feature concealed electrics and connections within the body of the frame. For more information, see the heading Craft.

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Typical Stukkolief Panel

panorama_stukkolief_940_x_662_06 Title: Wave


panorama_stukkolief_940_x_662_07 Title: Sinus