Directly wall-mounting a Stukkolief is a particularly appealing form of installation, and mural designs created in this way offer a wealth of possibilities. The wall-mounted Stukkolief becomes an innovative and direct element of the spatial design concept, and stamps its presence on the interior mood, without dominating it in the process. The impact is softened by the “White in White” design, encompassing modernity in the form of a minimalist stylistic element. A plastered subsurface is needed when mounting a Stukkolief, which can be skimmed or paint plaster.

Lighting in the direct wall-mounting A directly wall-mounted Stukkolief can also have integrated lighting installed – unique lighting configurations which can help create a unique ambience for your living room or bedroom. Illuminated Stukkolief pieces can also help set an unmistakable stylistic tone in public spaces, bars, restaurants or foyers. Contact Stephan Gervers and explore the design options to give your interiors a new lease on life.

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Direct wall instalation of and non light Stukkoliefs




Lightning in the direct wall installation


Through the use of concealed lighting in Stukkolief, this type of wall design takes on a new dimension. The lighting is integrated into the stucco. A direct Stukkolief wall mounting with lighting (eg flora lumens) can only be implemented in collaboration with a qualified electrician.  The wiring can be hidden in the stems (Stukkolief ornamentation). The professional connection to the domestic electrical system is necessary. The Design Studio Gervers works in cooperation with el-con GmbH in Wetzikon. They are a qualified Company for professional electrician installations.